“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you shall be saved, you and your household.”
Acts 16:31

Believe in the Lord Jesus

What does it mean to “Believe in the Lord Jesus”? Many people believe that Jesus existed in history. The devils believe that Jesus Christ is God. To “Believe in the Lord Jesus” is to believe that Jesus is your savior and that He will save you. It also means that you are willing to bet your life on Him.

You and your household will be saved

There are those who are Christians, but their family are not. I also am one of those people. The Bible teaches us that when we are saved, our family will be saved through us. However, there are those who have shared Jesus to their family but their family did not believe. There are others who are unable to share their faith to their family for fear of rejection. I had shared about Jesus to my parents but they did not accept Him at first. However, God worked through other people, and my parent was saved. God remembers us and our family, and He loves them as well. Let’s continue to hold on to our hope!

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