“In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth”.
This is how the first book of the Bible starts. There are 66 books in the Bible, and Genesis is one of the 5 books considered to be written by Moses.

The book covers topics on how the universe started, and what the relationship between God and Israel is. The book is like a story book, so very easy to read.

Since there are 50 chapters, it may seem very long. It will be too much to cover in 1 blog, so I will separate into 6 sections:

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There are many theories on how the universe started. The most popular is the Big bang theory. Big bang basically states that in the beginning there was nothing, and then a large explosion occurred, causing the universe to expand into what we have today.

However, when you think about it, physically it is impossible for an explosion to happen from nothing with no external forces acting on it. According to energy conservation law, energy cannot disappear or appear out of nowhere, so it is impossible to have energy appear out of “nothing”.

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Interestingly, the Bible starts out the same as the Big bang theory, from nothing. However, “God” intervenes, which is a big difference. “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth”, and earth was covered in water. So it probably looked something like this:

Only water..

God created the Heavens, but it is not clear how much of the Heavens God created. Some say that along with “Heaven”, “Angels” were also created during this time.

God would take 6 days to create the universe.

Day 1 : In the universe was only darkness, so God first created light. Sun would appear on day 4, so it was not created yet. It is not clear where the light was shining from, but already from this point the idea of “day” and “night” was defined, so there must have been some way to tell the difference.

Day 2 : There was only water over the earth, and this water was separated to the water above and below. The space between was called “sky”. The water above is most likely water in the form of clouds or ozone layer. During the Flood, great amount of rain would fall, so there were much more water in the sky than we have in current time. Also, we will see that the average life span changes before and after the Flood, so the water above the sky was most likely acting as an Ozone layer to protect the living creatures from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Day 3 : Finally we see some land. It is not clear what the land looked like here. I think that the land was most likely quite different from present day, and was a single continent like Pangea. I will talk more about this later. Plants would be created on land and in the sea during this time.

Day 4 : On day 1, “light” was created, and finally on day 4 we see actual shapes of the lights. Stars are created, and Sun and Moon as well. Big bang say that earth was created by “accident”, but Bible states clearly that earth was created first, and other things were created around it, which is quite interesting.

Day 5 : We start to see living creatures on day 5. Fish in the sea, and birds in the sky were created. We see the kindness of God in creating the plants first before these creatures.

Day 6 : On the last day of creation, animals on the land were created, and finally man. Evolution teaches that amoeba evolved to fish, then to animals then to man. However, Bible clearly states that each animal was made specifically, and man was created as separate being from animals. The first man created was Adam, which means “Man” or “dirt”.

Day 7 : After creation, God rested on the 7th day. Even in our day, we have 7 days in a week, and typically Sundays are a day of rest. This is actually based on a biblical tradition.

We covered from the creation of the universe to the birth of Adam. The story in the Bible is quite different from the teachings we learn at school, like the big bang theory and the theory of evolution. The Bible and big bang cannot both be true, so I suggest that you look into what is true. If you search for the truth, you will find it!

Next time I will cover over the story from Adam to Noah.

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