Adam’s descendants multiplied on the earth, and created the first great civilization. However, because the people were so evil, God was deeply troubled. Only one person, Noah, found favor in God’s eyes. From Genesis 6, Noah becomes the main character.

The age of Noah

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Before the Flood, people spoke the same language. They farmed lands, grew animals, and were able to create things with bronze and steel technologies. Their culture was filled with music as well. From the time Seth had his first child, the people began to “Pray in the name of the Lord”, so all seemed to be well. However, not long afterwards we see that “every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time”, so God decided to restart the world. The only ones chosen were Noah, his wife, and his 3 children and their wives(8 people).

The great flood

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It is not clear how many years it took to make the ark. By the time Noah got on the ark, he was 600 years old, and his 3 children were already old and married. There is a movie called “Noah”, which talks about this story. When you compare with the Bible, there are many differences. I would like to review this in detail at a later time.

Flood period

Perhaps you heard about the rain that continued for 40 days during the Flood. However, how long was Noah in the ark? When you look at the Bible, you see that he was actually stuck in the ark for more than 1 year! And for 10 months of the period, the earth was completely flooded. Maybe the people during that time had the ability to make ships, but since the Flood came suddenly, it would have been impossible for people to survive for such long time.

The world before and after the Flood

When you consider the current topology of the earth with the amount of water available(in oceans, rivers, clouds, and ice), it is impossible to have a world-wide flood with the scale of water covering up to the top of the mountains. Even if every drop of water fell on earth as rain, it will only increase the water level by a few centimeters. This means that either : 1. The earth’s topology was very different 2. The amount of water available was different. In Genesis 7:11 we see that not only rain but water from “the springs of the great deep” burst out, contributing to the flood.

God promised that he will never cause this level of flood again to Noah. The rainbow is the sign that shows He is still keeping His promise. But I wonder what God is thinking, looking at our world right now. Makes you think a little bit..

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