Seeing that Moses did not come down the mountain for a long time, the Israelites became worried. They told Aaron to make a “god” that they can see and rely on. So Aaron went around and gathered gold from the other people.

Golden calf

FreeBibleimages :: Moses and the Golden Calf :: Moses and the golden calf ( Exodus 32)

The people began to worship the golden calf that Aaron made, and they completely forgot about Moses and God and began to celebrate. During this celebration Moses came down the mountain, and in his rage he threw down the stone tablets and destroyed them.

Moses then proceeded to burn and grind down the golden calf, and he made the people drink it down with water. The Levites who sided with Moses went on to kill around 3,000 people who were worshipping the golden calf.

This “golden calf” would be destroyed here, but it would return again later in the history of Israel. There it will again serve to pull the people away from God again.

Tabernacle and the ark

FreeBibleimages :: Moses and the Tabernacle :: Moses and the building of  the Tabernacle (Exodus 25 - 40)

Since Moses had destroyed the stone tablets from God, Moses climbed Mount Sinai again to talk with God. This time Moses would write down the words of God on stone tablets. Especially important was the “tabernacle” that showed how the Israelites were to interact with God. The “tabernacle” is a movable place of worship, and special people called priests were allowed to worship God there. How to make the tabernacle, what material to use, and what to place inside were all designated by God.

Exodus 25:10-22, The Ark of the Covenant — Clergy Stuff

Of the many things that God made, “Ark of the covenant” is probably the most famous. It was placed at the center of the tabernacle, and God’s presence was there. There were no natural light inside the tabernacle, but since the ark of the covenant was radiating light, it was always light inside the tabernacle.

For Israel, the ark of the covenant was a treasure that was passed on for generations. It would lead Israel to victory in battles, when it was lost it would return, and was always at the center of life in Israel.

Where is the ark?

Fate of the Lost Ark Revealed? - HISTORY

When the kingdom of Israel was destroyed many years later, the ark of the covenant, along with other treasures, were taken away. Since then its whereabouts have been unknown. There are some who say that the ark of the covenant traveled all the way to Japan, and lies within the Tsurugi mountain. It is very exciting to think about where it may be! I hope that it will be discovered soon.

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