English pronunciation is complicated! As if it was not difficult enough, the same spelling can be pronounced in multiple different ways. There is a good example that can be seen in an episode of “I love Lucy”, where we look at the words with “ough” in them.

  1. Bough(ow):Bough is pronounced like “Bow”

  2. Rough(uff):Rough is pronounced like “Ruff”

  3. Through(oo):Through is pronounced like “Throo”

  4. Cough(off):Cough is pronounced like “Coff”

  5. Though(ou):Though is pronounced like “Tho”

  6. Ought(aw):Ought is pronounced like “Awt”

Maybe those who are already afraid of learning English is even more afraid now. You can look at how they are different in the clip below:


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