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Joe Biden Sworn In As 46th President Of The United States

On January 20th, Joe Biden became the 46th President of the United States of America. After the riot on January 6th, security was on high alert, but thankfully nothing happened. I pray that he will lead the US in a good direction in the next 4 years.

Opinions on former President Donald Trump is divided. There are fanatic fans as well as people who are disgusted by him. He is certainly a President who has very few people who feel neutral about him. And during his time as President, we saw the US become more and more divided. How did it happen? Who caused this?

Internal division

His term was between January of 2017 and 2021, but the division had already started before that. The election of 2016 was down to 2 candidates; Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Many of the people made their decisions on whether they “Liked Trump”, or “disliked Trump”. This opinion continued on through his presidency, and even now after the presidency is handed over, there are still news about Donald Trump.

Personally I do not want to imitate Donald Trump’s attitude, and not all of the decisions he has made during his term were good. Many people blame him for the division in the US. However, was he really the one that divided America? I believe that the division was caused by the media(news, SNS), not the president.

What is the cause of the division?

Many of the issues that arose during the presidency of Trump were related to “Racism” and “Corona Virus”. We saw many arguments on SNS about BLM and other movements that happened as a result of news on the killing of a black man by a white police officer. Also there were good and bad feedback on the way the president and the cabinet handled the invisible threat of the new Corona virus.

Some praise Donald Trump like a saint, while others despise him like the devil or Anti-Christ. He is a leader of the country, so it is obvious that many are interested in what he says or does. However, the media had been blaming all of the “Racism” and “Corona Virus” issues on him. “If only he changes..”. “If only he’d leave..”. And in the election of 2020, finally we have a new president.

Will the situation really change because Donald Trump is gone? French historian and demographer Emmanuel Todd made a comment that was quite interesting:

<“Anti-Trump” and “Anti-Corona” were the only self-definition that the Democratic party had, and they managed to come up with “Racism” as their policy, which is an empty policy. Compared to that, Trump made a more fruitful policy of tackling the “economic” policy. “Politics” should in fact tackle “economic” issue, and not “racism”. But because the democratic party could not make a policy on that, they chose instead to make “racism” the issue they tackle. >

During the election of 2020, Trump tried to continue the policy of “America first”, and the Democratic party continued their policy of “Anti-Trump”. Ofcourse it is a noble cause to eliminate “racism”, but as was mentioned by Emmanuel Todd, the main issue politics should focus on is economics. However many forms of media(News, SNS) had continued to spread the information that, as long as the administration changes problems like “racism”, “economics”, and the “divided America” will be resolved.

Can we re-unite?

People want to create a visible, tangible “evil person”. By doing this, we can blame all of our issues on that “evil person”. The Nazi blamed the Jews for their problems, Donald Trump blamed the Mexicans for their problems, and the Democrats blamed Donald Trump for their problems. We live in an age where we can have any information or any thing at any time. We are more and more influenced by things that we can see or feel.

It is truly unfortunate, since the United States was a country founded on Christianity. In Christianity, it is important to not focus on what we see, but instead focus on “God” that we cannot see. It does not matter who the president is now, or what the situation is now. If we can all focus on the invisible thing that we cannot see, we can be re-united once again.

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