Who am I?

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“Who am I?”, “I don’t feel like I belong anywhere”. Maybe you’ve felt like this before.

Identity crisis is to”Lose yourself”, and we feel mental stress not knowing how we can continue on in our society. This can happen to anyone.

Transferring to another school, going on to University, starting to work, when you quit your job and become a stay at home wife/husband, when your children grow up and leave your home… There are many instances when we can fall into an identity crisis.

I have gone through an identity crisis as well, and there were 2 things that helped me through it.

You don’t need just 1 identity

What is the most important identity?

I was in Japan from when I was 3 till I was 8, then lived in Canada until I was 10, and after that I lived in the US until I was 21. After graduating from college I moved back to Japan and started to work there. Since my time overseas was so long, it felt like going to Japan was going to a foreign country.

I was Japanese on the outside and American on the inside, so I as a “Banana(Yellow on the outside, White on the inside)”. I had been blessed with wonderful people in Japan, but unconsciously I was trying to be more like a Japanese person. However I still felt that I was not really “Japanese” enough. After a few years I went back to the US for a friend’s wedding and there a friend of mine joked that my English had become pretty bad. There I realized that I wasn’t really an American anymore either.

For me the identity crisis was that “I can’t really be a Japanese person, and I’m becoming less and less American!”.

You don’t need just 1 identity

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We actually have multiple identities. I am currently an employee at a company, a husband, a father, a Japanese, an American, and a Christian. To make my identity as an employee stronger I can work harder and make some achievements. I don’t need to lose my other identities. I need to understand that these identities co-exist inside myself, and I don’t need to just be one of those identities.

What is the most important identity

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In certain situations we can change/lose our identities. When we graduate from school and become an employee at a company, we lose our identity as a student. If we get fired from a company, we lose the identity as an employee. It is a scary thought to lose a part of your identity!

In the Bible it says this : “Our citizenship is in Heaven(Philippians 3:20)“. At the time I was depressed becaue I felt that I was neither Japanese or American. But I realized that even if I lose all other identities, I will never lose the identity that I have with God.

What is that “unchanging identity” for you? That identity is what will give you security. If you have that security, whatever other identities change, it will keep your life stable.


If you are going through an identity crisis right now, it is a chance for you to look back on your life. What identities do you have? What is that one identity that can never be shaken? Let’s think about that!

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