Becoming a Christian in US

I became a Christian while attending University in 1997. My family was non-religious, but due to some reasons I began to attend a Christian high-school. Later I would start attending church regularly in University.

The 4 years at University went by very fast, but it was a time where I grew the most mentally and spiritually. My roommates were Christians, and many of my friends were friends from church. We read the Bible together, listened to Christian music together, and prayed together. It was truly a blessed environment.

After graduating from University in 2000, I moved to Japan and my life style changed completely. I had new responsibilities at my new workplace, I had to adjust to living alone, and getting used to the new culture was a big challenge.

Living as a Christian in Japan

Christianity was a major religion in the US, but in Japan it is a very minor religion. In fact, most Japanese people think of themselves as “non-religious”, and it is considered a taboo to talk about religion openly. So in a sense, being a Christian in Japan is to be “abnormal”.

As long as you live in Japan, you will be looked upon as “abnormal”. We cannot change the minds of those around us, or also the culture. The only thing we can change is “ourselves”. How can we “change” to adapt to this environment?

Important thing in life

The things we hold dear affect our lives. Also the opinions of the people we hold dear affect our lives. Who are the important people in our lives? Who’s opinions do we listen to?

God as number one

This is what is written in the Bible :


Matthew 6:33
“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided to you.”

The Bible tells us to put God first in our lives. To seek “His kingdom (spending time together with God)” and “His righteousness (Communicating with God)” is the most important thing in our life. Our family is important. Our schoolmates are important. Our co-workers are important. Our neighbors, and our friends in our community are important. However, who is the most important person in our life?

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Selina · 2021年7月12日 at 12:16 PM

Can you tell us more about this? I’d care to find out some additional information.

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