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In conclusion, we need “religion”. Religion gives us a purpose in life, shows us how to live, and strengthens the link with “God” and other people.

I have been a Christian for over 20 years. There are some Christians who say that “Christianity is not like other religions”, but Christianity is without a doubt a religion. Today, I would like to talk about why “religion”, including Christianity, is necessary for us.

Issues in modern society

There are many issues in modern society. At school there are bullying, students who refuse to go to school, suicides. At workplace there are problems between colleagues and power harassments. There are political corruptions and people fighting on SNS. In the world we see wars and natural disasters and diseases like corona virus. How do we deal with these issues in life?

Many of the events that happen in history involve religion. The wars in the Middle East include wars between Israel(Judaism) and Palestine(Islam). Christianity has a large impact on big events such as the presidential election in USA.

Is religion dangerous?

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Especially in Japan, people see religion as something that is dangerous. There was a terrorist attack in Tokyo in 1995 by a religious group called “Aum Shinrikyo”, so it is still something that many people in Japan still remember. There are many Japanese who still think that “religion is dangerous”.

In Japan it is said that “Religion and politics (and baseball) is taboo”. This is because talking about this usually ends with arguments. Because Japanese people do not like arguments and prefer peace, they like to avoid these taboos as much as possible. I have actually asked some Japanese people, and many times the response was that they were “non-religious”. However, are Japanese people really non-religious?

Why is religion necessary?

According to the Agency for cultural affairs, the religious follower population in Japan is greater than the total Japanese population! This means that the Japanese are not “non-religious”, and instead are “multi-religious”.

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The traditions of Shintoism and Buddhism has been ingrained in the Japanese culture and in our lifestyles. One example is our culture of saying “Itadakimasu(Thank you for the food)” before we eat our meal. I listed 3 things that religion gives us below :

  1. Religion gives purpose

Religion gives us answers to the major questions in life. “Why were we born?”, “What should I do in life?”, “Where do I go after this life?”. Without religion, we cannot find answers to these questions. Religion shows the answers to these questions to give us peace in our hearts.

2. Religion gives moral guidance

Japanese are thought to be people with high moral standards. During the large earthquake in 2011, Japan was in turmoil. However, the people did not cause riots or start committing crime, and instead stood together and supported each other. This moral standard came from the religious ideals and values that have been handed down throughout the generations. Without religion, people have different values, making it difficult to be people who are willing to help each other.

3. Religion strengthens bonds with others

Religion strengthens our bond with others. Having same deity to worship, same values, and same purpose in our lives brings people close together like families. Through this relationship, we can rely on each other, encourage each other, and be free from loneliness.


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This year had been a very difficult year for everyone around the world. Many have been infected by disease, been discriminated against, and have been separated from families and friends. In this situation where we cannot see an end, we need “religion” more than ever.

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