“Should I be spreading information?” “Do I have anything I can share with people?”. I used to think that was a few months ago. I did not feel like there was anything I wanted to tell anyone, and I did not know of anything I can teach anyone else.

“So should I share information?”. The answer is easy, it is “YES!”

More than 10 years ago, the main medium of spreading information were newspapers, radio, and the television. Only a select few were able to spread the information. However, with the internet and various SNS becoming popular, we are able to express ourselves and provide information to others more easily. Also, even if we are just ‘regular people’, we can gain peoples trust if we provide good information. The environment for transmitting information is already prepared for us.

There are many reasons I can think of on why we should share information, but I believe there are 3 main reasons: To help yourself, to help others, and to leave assets.

  1. To help yourself:
    • Maybe you don’t think you have anything to share, but each one of us have valuable information and wisdom. An efficient way to learn something, secret techniques for a game, recipe on how to cook something delicious; There is something we can all share. Each one of us has something special to give

    • If we continue to just hoard information, we only puff up. Maybe you have heard of the example of the “Dead Sea”. The Dead Sea has only 1 river running into it, and no river running out of it. Water would flow in, and just stay there, finally just to be evaporated by the heat of the Sun. Salt that is left over makes the water toxic for anything to live in it. We need to learn to “Let out” information so that we don’t turn into a “Dead Sea”

    • When we share something, we typically try to check to see if what we are saying is correct or not. Also, when we start to run out of things to say, we try to learn something new. In this way, we can continue to make ourselves smarter. Also, we learn how to organize what we want to say in a better way when we share information to others

  2. To help others:
    • When we spread information, we need to think of the person that will receive this information. We “Transmit” information, so there is someone who “receives” it. By thinking of how that other person will think/act, we know how to provide that information. Maybe we want to give an encouraging word, give instructions on how to do something, provide laughter to others. There are various ways we can provide information

    • When we spread information, we can be an encouragement to others. Maybe there are others around us who are not sure if they should be sharing something. When we actively spread information, we can show that anyone can do it too, and so be a good role model for others

  3. To leave assets:
    • An “Asset” is something that is of value. It is something that can create profit even if we don’t work. How much assets do we have? Even if you own a home, if you are paying mortgage and are not getting any rent profits that home is not an asset. The information that we create can be left as an asset

    • The information we have inside has the potential to be an “asset”. However, if you just keep it to yourself, it will not do anything ofr you. And when we share that information, the value of that information will not go down. Instead, but transmitting that information, we can create demand

We are living in the age of IT. By using this technology, we can more efficiently deliver the information inside ourselves to others. Doing this is good for yourself, and good for others. Let’s actively start sharing!


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