What has been done in 3 months?

It has ben 3 months since I started writing blogs. There are still many things that I need to learn, but it has been a good experience. Below is the current status:

  • Domain: Purchased at onamae.com
  • Server: Contracted with xserver
  • Blog posts: 40
  • Contact: Set up contact form
  • ads.txt setting: Done
  • Google adsense: Approved within 1 month
  • Estimated profit: 1,900 yen

What did I learn?

What I learned after 3 months of writing blogs is that it is a lot of work! In the beginning I planned to write a blog a day, but when I started writing I learned quickly that it takes a lot of work to organize the contents and then to write them down. As I wrote more and more blogs, I learned how to organize the contents better.

Another thing I learned while writing blogs is that I need to study before writing, and that I can have new findings through this. Sometimes I can write blogs with knowledge that I already have, but in order to write a blog which is beneficial for the reader, I have begun to do more and more research.

Points when writing Blogs

I have started to read other people’s blogs to make better blogs. There are several things I take care of as I write blogs:

  • Blog main page
    • Use background images to make the page more appealing
    • Set up menu for the blog posts
      • Let’s make it easier to find the blog post
  • Blog posts
    • Understand who am I writing the blog for
      • Sometimes it is called “Persona”, but make a concrete image of the target person you are writing the blog for
      • Or you can write to your past self
    • Write posts that readers will want to read
    • Use eye-catch image
      • It is the same with youtube videos, but most people look at the thumbnail eye-catch image before deciding whether to read the contents or not
    • Blogs of multiple topics can be written
      • There is no need to fix the blog topic or genre, so in the beginning you can write about whatever you like
    • Update blog posts frequently

What to do next

Going forward with target of October of 2021, I plan to continue the current activities as well as including several new challenges. As we are able to gain profit from blogs, it will make our lives better and help us to learn and grow:

  • Write at least 1 blog per 2 days
  • Improve SEO
  • Connect with Youtube

I hope that this blog post will be a positive influence to others who are also writing blogs. I would like to continue to update on the progress with others like myself.

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