I’m not a good boss. I also have not been a good subordinate either.. But because of that I now know what I should have done. Here are the 3 actions that we can do that helps our boss:

Start from the conclusion

Include your answer in the question

Be active, not passive

Start from the conclusion

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Many times we feel the need to explain chronologically. We want to explain the background, then what we did, and what happened after that, and explain the result in the end.

If we tell the conclusion in the beginning, we are able to communicate the most important thing to our boss first. The following explanations are there to logically support the conclusion.

Include your answer in the question

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If you don’t know what/how to do something, it is important to check with your boss. But we need to be aware of how we are doing this. It may be OK at first to ask “How should I do this?”, but I recommend to think a little bit before asking a question.

Instead of asking “How should I do this?”, if you ask “I am thinking of doing this in this way, what do you think?”, you are able to share your thoughts with your boss, and you can receive a much better answer as well.

Be active, not passive

Being passive means you are “waiting for orders”. You will do something if you are told, and you won’t do anything if you are not told anything. When you are passive, the communication becomes one way. You can only see the task in front of you, and nothing after that.

Being active means you are “agile/dynamic”. When you are active, the communication becomes 2-way, and you can see not only the task in front of you but the tasks that lay ahead.


The 3 points listed above all have to do with communication skills. If you can improve the communication, you can make your boss happy. And if your boss is happy, in the end you can help yourself!

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